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The Engraver Company was established on the initiative of Michał Nowakowski and Igor Bronne as an artistic studio that concentrates all aspects of its activities on promoting hunting culture and tradition.

The company’s main goal was to create a team of artists who could combine talent with a passion for creating beautiful and sophisticated elements. Moreover, Engraver is focused on promoting Polish arts and supporting all activities aimed at protecting wildlife and endangered species.


This initiative is based mainly on Michał Nowakowski’s experience who has been engraving hunting gun, designing and engraving in metal for 20 years. Michael specializes in a delicate style called ‘Bulino’ and gold inlay.

His clients include well-known companies from London: James Purdey & Sons, Holland & Holland and Watson Bros.

Michael’s artistic output can be found in the United States, Africa and Europe. In 2012 he managed to present his paintings at London’s Mall Gallery in the finals of the Wildlife Artist of the Year competition organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Michael has been cooperating with editors of the ‘Łowiec Polski’ magazine for several years. He has made illustrations for books and hunting stories.